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  • Daren Urquhart from Rise Local shares his advice on how to spend your marketing dollars wisely. Are you concerned that you are wasting your marketing dollars by advertising to the wrong people? Are you holidng back from marketing your business because you don't know exactly who to target? The key is 'accuracy'. Accurate marketing produces the best results for the lowest cost. Accurate marketing is about connecting with the right people at the right time. You need precise aim to get the bsest results from your marketing dollars. Read the full story Read More
  • Mark Hoppe, Managing Director Australia and New Zealand of Atradius, provides an update on insolvency risk within the Australian construction sector. The Australian construction industry is one of Australia's largest sectors by revenue and employee numbers. According to research firm Ai Group, it is the third-largest industry in the country, contributing eight per cent of Australia's Gross Domestic Product and directly employing nine per cent of the nation's workforce. Yet for all of its size and economic weight, the construction industry's susceptibility to cash flow troubles and insolvency remains uniquely disproportionate compared to most other sectors. In 2014 for example, ASIC reported taht 1802 construction organisation in Australia had collapsed. In comparison, there were just 218 collapses in agriculture and 472 in manufacturing. This is interesting given that the Australian economy is generally stable compared to other countries in the region and around the world. The Australian construction industry wasn't affected by the 2008 economic shake-up in the same way the industry in markets such as the United States and Europe were. However, despite a relatively strong and stable local economy, there is some deterioration in the insolvency landscape, according to a recent Atradius Insolvency Forecast report, the construction industry plays a part in that trend. Read the full story Read More
  • Women in our industry might not always be on the tools, but they are nevertheless proving instrumental in shaping the future of plumbing.  Traditionally, the majority of roles in the plumbing industry have been occupied by men, whether that was on the tools or in senior management roles. And while this might seem to be changing slowly, it is changing. Amanda Ogilivie from Biz Better Together, talks with five women who are quiet powerhouses in the industry, holidng roles ranging from Office Manager to General Manager and Co-owner to National Director. Coming from a diverse range of backgrounds they all have previously worked in other fields and bring an incredible depth and breadth of skills and knowledge that they now apply for the benefit of the plumbing industry. Read more Read More
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