Interview Aspire to inspire
Aspire to inspire

In the lead up to this year’s Plumbing and Fire Industry Awards (PIFA) in Melbourne, Daniel Carroll spoke with Thomas Dunn, winner of the Frank Maskell General Plumbing Award and Andrew Letten Gold Medal at the 2018 event.

Interview Down under in Denmark 2017
Down under in Denmark 2017

Ramping up the feel good vibes for our health & wellbeing issue, we have a wrap up of Master Plumbers Australian intern in Denmark, Jack Dainer, who spent August and September learning the tricks of the trade from Copenhagen plumbers Henrik W Hansen.

OHS Mental Health - Tools for your toolbox
Mental Health - Tools for your toolbox

We live – and work – in a time of rapid technological change and face ever-increasing demands on our time and attention. The resulting increases in stress load can pose challenges for our mental health, and general sense of wellbeing.